People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Less Likely To Reach Out For Support

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It’s not the ideal situation, and it continues to perplex me, but living with chronic fatigue syndrome is not all bad news. Kirsten Schultz is a writer from Wisconsin who challenges sexual and gender norms. Through her work as a chronic illness and disability activist, she has a reputation for tearing down barriers while mindfully causing constructive trouble.

It’s not a sign of low intelligence or learning disorders. It’s also not tied to dementia, even though sometimes it might seem similar. The pain is coming from amped-up nerves and a nervous system that’s in overdrive at all times. Because nerves travel all through the body, so can our pain. In fact, for a diagnosis of FMS, you have to have pain in all four quadrants of the body. You might think you understand pain, but these illnesses involve some rare pain types.

Over 100 million Americans have at least one chronic condition, but persistent stigma can make opening up to potential partners a challenge. You may worry that you’re not able to handle much of a sex life at all. It may be that you can rebuild your sex life to accommodate your symptoms. If you can’t handle going out once or twice a week, be upfront about that. Look for people who are interested in quiet evenings at home, or whatever it is that you feel you’re up to.

Creating your list of questions in advance can help you make the most of your time during your appointment. Recent changes or major stressors in your life can play a very real role in your physical well-being. While fatigue may be affecting you most, other symptoms — such as memory problems or headaches — also are important to share. It may help to keep a daily diary of your activities and symptoms, so you can track how much activity is too much for you. If medicines such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium don’t help enough, prescription drugs sometimes used to treat fibromyalgia might be options for you. These include pregabalin , duloxetine , amitriptyline or gabapentin .

What is the outlook for someone with chronic fatigue syndrome?

Even after we figured out a treatment plan for my POTS, it affected my life in major ways, especially when it came to dating. Diagnosed when I was 19 after a series of unexplained fainting episodes, I was referred to a cardiologist. Currently there’s no known cure for POTS, but it can be treated.

We may have severe pain in our abdomen one second and burning feelings in our limbs the next. The pain is originating from amped-up nerves and a nervous system that’s in overdrive at all times. Because nerves travel throughout the body, so can our pain. Actually, for a diagnosis of FMS, you have to have pain in all four quadrants of the body. “There’s not going to be any right or wrong answer,” Dr. Mazur said. “There is the idea of using it as a screener,” she explained.

CFS is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis , post-viral fatigue syndrome , chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome or Tapanui flu. It affects people in various ways and symptoms are similar to many other medical conditions. In most instances, it is the normal reaction of the body to lack of sleep, overwork, acute illness and acute mental stress. It is a powerful physical reaction to events that sap our energy in a variety of ways. It may take one good nights sleep or several days of rest to recover from the flu, running a marathon, or working overtime to meet a deadline. But once we obtain that rest and restorative sleep, we recover.

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One of the most notable was a large study in the United Kingdom called the PACE trial. Peter D. White, MD, at Queen Mary University of London, and colleagues reported that graded exercise therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy could be effective treatments for CFS. Yet compared with people with other chronic diseases, CFS patients, even those who hadn’t lived through the trauma of a hurricane, had notably higher PTSD rates, she found. Digging deeper, she found that CFS patients had actually been distressed by their medical experiences. Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers commonly experience difficulty with their sleep.

For people affected by ME/CFS/PVFS and Long Covid

Staying well hydrated, adding salt, wearing compression stockings, and avoiding prolonged standing can help prevent lightheadedness and extreme fatigue. Lifestyle changes.Patients are often initially encouraged to slow down, minimize physical exertion and try to avoid psychological stress. They learn to save their energy for essential activities at home or work and to cut back on less-important activities. Unrefreshing sleep that leaves not feeling better or perhaps even feeling worse after a full night’s sleep and no other reason for poor sleep quality. These changes will help to improve the health of the microbiota and may reduce the symptoms of ME/CFS.

We don’t do this deliberately and be certain of me, we wish it didn’t happen. Sharing health information is a personal decision, said Rachael Rose, a sex educator and relationship coach based in Philadelphia who lives with indolent systemic mastocytosis, a rare condition that affects her daily life. When Joseph Kibler started online dating in 2009, he experimented with how best to share information about his health.

Chronic fatigue syndrome includes a symptom called post-exertional malaise , which means that exercise or other activity can cause a spike in symptoms, particularly fatigue and a flu-like feeling, that can last for days. In some individuals, it can take very little exertion to activate PEM. Ms. Macdonald has learned to manage her energy to prevent flareups of her illness. Before a date, she avoids chores, errands and even cooking meals, as those activities can be draining. Ms. Macdonald has found that making sure her potential partners are aware of her identity, as both a woman with chronic illness and a transgender woman, helps her feel more open to a romantic connection.

Chronic fatigue syndrome , also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis , explained by expert Dr Charles Shepherd. Mild – you can move about, can care for yourself and do light housework with difficulty. You may be well enough to work, attend school or study, if you have learnt to pace yourself carefully. The cause of CFS is not yet fully understood, but it is likely that several factors contribute to its development. There are changes in the immune system and body chemistry. When medications didn’t work, a woman looked at her life to understand her pain.